Case Studies: LG

LG’s brand had extremely low unaided awareness (6%) in the US and also possessed a negative brand image worldwide as a company that produced low-quality products. LG wanted to reinvent their brand as “cool” and tech savvy on a global scale and gain relevance to 12 – 34 year old consumers.

ASA developed a global platform for LG to use the cutting-edge imagery and enormous popularity of action sports with Gen Y consumers to help completely reposition the brand. This six year program included the creation of a large-scale World Championships event, a series of pro competitions in 10 countries, a pro team consisting of 10 of the top athletes in action sports, exhibition events at key sales functions and trade shows and a grass-roots amateur tour – all entitled by LG. In addition, ASA produced and placed LG-entitled television programs into 180 countries worldwide via more than 40 hours of annual programming.

In just four years, LG has become the most widely positioned brand in action sports and is seen as an innovator and a technology leader. Its unaided awareness has increased by more than 500% and it has sold more than 4 million incremental cell phones. LG’s global market share in the mobile phone sector sprung from #7 to #4 during this period. To date, LG has garnered more than $180 million of global media exposure as part of its association with action sports.