Why ASA?

ASA develops customized marketing platforms where brands are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the Gen Y consumer lifestyle.  ASA has several key points of differentiation from every other company in action sports that makes us uniquely qualified:

  • Scope: ASA produces more events and content than any company in the industry (150 events and 50+ hours of TV annually in 6 sports)
  • Customization:  We are the only company that custom-creates client-based events and content within action sports
  • Commitment:  All we do is action sports/lifestyle event and TV production.  This is not peripheral to us.  It is our entire business
  • International:  ASA is the first company with a global approach to action sports, producing events in 21 countries and television programming in 180 nations
  • Athletes:  Since our roots are as an athlete association, our relationships with the athletes in action sports are second-to-none
  • Consultation:  ASA’s approach is to design & develop an action sports strategy with our corporate clients as opposed to selling ready-made media packages
  • Proprietary Content:  Our substantial content library allows ASA to deliver unencumbered and unique content for client initiatives
  • Vertical Integration/Full Service:  Because we handle event production, TV production, TV distribution, athletes, ramps, staging, media, marketing, promotion, hospitality, digital, etc. in-house, we don’t broker anything and can execute any type of program for our clients with one unified voice
  • Content Production:  ASA is a full-service production company with in-house capabilities to produce, edit and mix content in a variety of formats.  This allows us to completely control the message and brand integration for our clients
  • Organic:  We have been a key part of the industry for 24 years and can offer insights that no other ‘outside’ agency can