Welcome to ASA Entertainment

24  Years of professional action sports events experience

Producing on average  150  events annually

Featuring the world’s  top professional athletes  in action sports

Producing  50  hours of national television programming annually

ASA Entertainment has a long history of advocacy, innovation, and success as a leader in the action sports industry.  Since its formation in 1994, the company has produced more action sports events, television shows and content than any company in the world.

Connecting Brands to Millennials
ASA specializes in creating and executing customized, turnkey events and marketing programs that infuse brands with authenticity and energy and fuel brand loyalty.  These events, promotions and content inspire and entertain millennial consumers and serve as marketing platforms that allow brands to connect with these consumers through relevant lifestyle activities.

What We Do
The company’s events and content feature skateboarding, BMX, freestyle motocross, snowboarding, freeskiing, surfing and music and range in scale from grassroots to global.  They are broadcast domestically on 8 networks and distributed to more than 700 million HH globally via 26 international broadcast partners.

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