Mountain Dew Extreme Tour puts fans on their toes at Noida

Ten X Games stars left their Noida audience flabbergasted with their extreme stunts

mountain-dex-xtreme-games-560_560x420 The ‘Mountain Dew Xtreme Tour’ is Mountain Dew’s effort to showcase the X Games from the United States in India. The idea is to create a campaign for the soft drink whose brand image revolves around adventure and extreme sports.

The second leg of the Mountain Dew Xtreme Tour took place at  Noida where a team of 10 professional extreme sports athletes left the audience awestruck with their phenomenal performance. The 10 athletes who took part in the Noida edition of the Mountain Dew Xtreme Tour included skateboarding professional and 21-time X Games medallist Andy McDonald, gold medallist skaters Eito Yasutoko, Takeshi Yasutoko and Sandro Dias, Bicycle Motocross (BMX) star Simon Tabron; Freestyle Motocross (FMX) riders Jimmie McGuire, Tommy Clowers, Dustin Nowak, Myles Richmond and Mike Mason.mountain-dex-xtreme-games-560-2_560x420

The event kicked off with the inline skaters Eito and Takeshi Yasutoko along with skateboarders Andy McDonald and Sandro Dias spinning up to three times in the air and landing back on the ramp with unbelievable poise and ease. Even Sandro Dias’  falls due to excessive wind were perfectly professional. One particular jump by Andy McDonald involved him going upside down in the air on top of the ramp while grabbing Simon Tabron’s BMX handlebar on top of the ramp and then landing back with his skateboard on the ramp.

Dew TourOn being a part of the Mountain Dew Xtreme Tour in India, Andy MacDonald said “I’ve been touring the world on my skateboard for 25 years. India is a great place to be at. I’m so happy to be a part of the Dew Xtreme Tours that’s bringing the message of skateboarding to India for the first time.”

The FMX guys blew everyone’s mind. The five riders on their 250cc motorcycles did 180-degree powerslides and wheelies for the crowd before attempting 75-foot jumps from the 10-foot high ramp. The riders made the jumps with so much ease and if that wasn’t enough the landings were even more spectacular. The riders would bend their arms and legs slightly before landing so as to be able to absorb the impact with impeccable balance and poise.

The riders took turns in taking their hands and legs off the motorcycles whilst in the air and regaining composure before landing. The crowd was flabbergasted and could not pick the best stunt performed amongst the 360-degree back flip and a jump where the rider managed to turn his bike almost 90 degrees from take-off to one side before realigning the motorcycle back to land on the ramp.

Speaking about the tour, Ruchira Jaitly, Executive Vice President – Marketing, Beverages (Flavours), PepsiCo India, said, “Adventure, can do attitude and overcoming your worst fears is in the DNA of Mountain Dew. Over the years, we have brought in high adrenaline experiences to our consumers and the Dew Xtreme Tour promises to take it to the next level. Mountain Dew is bringing world class athletes, a mega set-up with sets fabricated by experts and spectacular performances for the first time with this scale in India. We are absolutely delighted with the phenomenal response that we received from the city of Bangalore and Noida for the Dew Xtreme Tour and we can’t wait to visit Ludhiana next! We are confident that the first season of Mountain Dew Xtreme Tour in India will be a great success and will only amplify our message of Darr Ko Maaro Dew.”