X Games Austin 2015 Highlights

We wanted to congratulate all of the ASA athletes for their success at the 2015 X Games Austin!

Vince Byron – BMX Vert Gold Medal

Simon Tabron – BMX Vert Bronze Medal

Paul-Luc Ronchetti – Skateboard Vert Silver Medal

Daniel Sandoval – BMX Park Gold Medal

Scotty Cranmer – BMX Park Bronze Medal

Kyle Baldock- BMX Dirt Gold Medal

Colton Satterfield – BMX Big Air Gold Medal

Mykel Larrin – BMX Big Air Bronze Medal

Steve McCann – Big Air Doubles Silver Medal

Zack Warden – Big Air Doubles Bronze Medal

Here are some highlights from the athletes:



This year @xgames was a huge milestone for me. Not only because I took home the gold, but my Dad was right there to witness it, to give me the strength and to remind me to keep my cool. I’ve been working on this run for over a year now, physically I’ve had the skills to do it for a while, but the mental aspect is what it all comes down to. To envision your goals in your mind and to bring them to reality is always a tough challenge. And it’s not through forcefulness or aggression that’s gonna prevail. Positivity and passion, love and peace with yourself. These I learned from my past mistakes and was able to bring my dreams to reality. Anything is possible. ॐ👌 @monsterenergy @5050bmx #xgames #bmx #vincebyron #unleashedatx

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@xgames is a go, out here in Austin. Photo by @crandallfbm Contest tomorrow

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Disneyland shuttle ride to get our medals🔨🔨. @stew_bacca @plg #xgamesaustin #norfolkboys

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Getting inverted @xgames Vert finals at 1130am tomorrow! @mongoosebikes @gopro #gopro @bellbikehelmets @puma

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What a week! #sopumped @monsterenergy @hoffmanbikes @xgames @foxbmx #stlbmx

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Blessed. Amazing feeling. Hard work pays off. So happy I was able to make such a big goal happen. Mad love to Kevin Robinson @krobbmx for the constant inspiration. Mad love to everyone who has ever been a positive influence on me. Thank you to every person who ever hated or said I couldn’t. I love all of you and without you all I wouldn’t work as hard as I do at my dreams. I hope kids at home see me tonight, see the story, see the work, and decide they want to work hard and get their dreams as well; just like I was inspired as a kid. Inspire. Blessed. In disbelief. Thank you all. Thank you X Games for this amazing platform of inspiration and epic action. Mad love! @monsterenergy @ioncamera @gformprotects @kickeraudio @rockwellwatches #xgames #unleashedatx

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