Dew Extreme Tour India


For the first time, the world’s top action sports pros in skateboarding, BMX, inline skating and freestyle motocross will bring their talents to India as part of a six city tour inspired by Mountain Dew and produced by ASA Entertainment.  The Tour was designed to showcase the amazing skills of these international athletes and bring the insanity of action sports to the world’s second most populous nation.  Half-pipe and freestyle motocross riders from five countries will entertain large crowds throughout India with huge airs and mind-boggling tricks that have never been seen live on the Indian sub-continent.  In addition, the pros will be holding clinics in eight cities to introduce action sports to the legions of kids craving the action sports lifestyle.  Fifteen top pros will be there entertaining fans and spreading the gospel of action sports to fans and media alike.


The FMX guys blew everyone’s mind. The five riders on their 250cc motorcycles did 180-degree powerslides and wheelies for the crowd before attempting 75-foot jumps from the 10-foot high ramp. The riders made the jumps with so much ease and if that wasn’t enough the landings were even more spectacular.


On being a part of the Mountain Dew Xtreme Tour in India, (Pro Skateboarder) Andy MacDonald said “I’ve been touring the world on my skateboard for 25 years. India is a great place to be at. I’m so happy to be a part of the Dew Xtreme Tours that’s bringing the message of skateboarding to India for the first time.”


Speaking about the tour, Ruchira Jaitly, Executive Vice President – Marketing, Beverages (Flavours), PepsiCo India, said, “Adventure, can do attitude and overcoming your worst fears is in the DNA of Mountain Dew. Over the years, we have brought in high adrenaline experiences to our consumers and the Dew Xtreme Tour promises to take it to the next level. Mountain Dew is bringing world class athletes, a mega set-up with sets fabricated by experts and spectacular performances for the first time with this scale in India. We are absolutely delighted with the phenomenal response that we received from the city of Bangalore and Noida for the Dew Xtreme Tour and we can’t wait to visit Ludhiana next!

The tour visited:
Kanteerva Stadium, Bangalore, India
Mumbia, India
Tivoli Gardens, Delhi, India
Grain Market, Ludhiana, India
Vidyadhar Nagar Track, Jaipur, India
Ramabai Ambedkar Maiden, Lucknow, India
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Press Release: Mountain Dew Extreme Tour puts fans on their toes at Noida


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