ASA Athlete

United States of America flagDustin Grice
United States of America
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Age: 35
Height: 5' 11
Weight: 150
Sponsors: Grub iPhone BMX, InterBMX, Stolen BMX


A leopard can carry twice its body weight into a tree. Now if you hate reading this, at least you can walk away knowing you’ve learned something. Dustin has one goal, to crack that smile of yours. He is a very active & spontaneous individual, and lives for the daily excitement thrown into his world. He has a passion for bikes… Motorcycles, cycling to work, etc. Dustin grew up riding BMX bikes. Yes he is that good looking rider you saw upside down at the MN State Fair, Chicago Dew Tour, etc. The real world? You got it. 4 years at college, 5 years in IT at a high-performance distribution company, and recently instructing at a technical college. Dustin has also started a few businesses with a handful of partners to keep him entertained. Dustin has also recently released "BMX Grub", the first BMX specific iPhone application into the iTunes App Store.

  • 2010 ASA BMX Triples, DeKalb, IL - 5th
  • 2009 Monster Join The Army Tour, Minneapolis, MN: 1st
  • 2007 AST Dew Tour, Orlando, FL - Park Free Flow: 2nd


Riding since: I slammed into this mailbox

Turned pro: 2006


Activities when not riding: Software Development

Worst injury: Muscle issues recently, not fun, seeing a neuromuscular therapist.

Coolest thing you own: Some might say my '05 Yamaha R6 Raven, although I do have a sweet new Yankee Candle sitting here.

What’s on your iPod?: My own iPhone apps, including BMX Grub and Skate Grub

Wheels other than your bike: New blingin' black Jeep Grand Cherokee

5 things you always travel with: An iPhone, MacBook, bike, buddy, and a smile.

Favorite city: Minneapolis. NYC. London.

Favorite trick: 360 tuck! Flairs, 540 footjams. I love the indoor tech sessions during our MN winter

Favorite food: Pasta, pizza, wings

Favorite movies: Dustin Griess' Pro Trampoliner!

Favorite TV shows: I have no cable! I did like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Favorite riders/skaters: My close friends, and everyone in our MN scene.

Life highlight: Having a wonderful family, friends, and career

Heroes/Influences: Entrepreneurs (riding & business), clever people, you.