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United States of America flagElliot Sloan
United States of America
Hometown: New York, NY
Age: 34
Height: 6' 0
Weight: 165
Sports: ,
Sponsors: Rockstar Energy Drink, Birdhouse, Globe, Overload Skateshop, MegaRamp,Triple 8, Alpine Stars, 187 Pads, Bones, Dakine

Elliot Sloan is a stylish vertskater with East Coast roots. Born and raised in New York City, Elliot was quickly drawn to street skating then the vertramp at a nearby skatepark. Elliot progressed very rapidly in the amateur circuit, and turned pro by the age of 18 (2007). Elliot is definitely the new blood on the ramp and mega ramp. He is the future for all major events.

  • 2014 X Games Austin - SKB Vert: 12th
  • 2014 X Games Austin - SKB Big Air: 7th
  • 2013 X Games Los Angeles - SKB Big Air: 1st
  • 2013 X Games Munich - SKB Big Air: 2nd
  • 2013 X Games Barcelona - SKB Big Air: 3rd
  • 2013 X Games Foz Do Iguacu - SKB Big Air: 2nd
  • 2011 Maloof Money Cup South Africa - Best Trick: 1st
  • 2011 X Games - Vert: 4th
  • 2011 X Games - Megaramp: 7th
  • 2011 Megaramp Brazil - 7th
  • 2011 Megaramp Open at Woodward West - 5th
  • 2011 Oi Vert Jam, Brazil - 8th
  • 2011 Kia Asian X Games, Shanghai, China - Mini-Mega: 10th
  • 2010 Maloof Money Cup, Costa Mesa, CA - Overall: 9th
  • 2010 Maloof Money Cup, Costa Mesa, CA - Mini-Mega: 7th
  • 2010 Maloof Money Cup, Costa Mesa, CA - Vert: 9th
  • 2010 Asian X Games, Shanghai, China - Mini-Mega: 9th
  • 2009 ASA Action Sports World Tour, Chicago, IL - Vert: 5th
  • 2009 ASA Action Sports World Tour, Minneapolis, MN - Vert: 9th
  • 2008 Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam
  • 2007 Action Sports World Tour - LG World Championship, San Diego, CA - Vert: 6th


Current city: Vista, Ca

Riding since: 1999

Turned pro: 2007

Discipline(s): Vert, Mega Ramp, Concrete

Activities when not riding: Playing and listening to music, Video games, movies, hangin with my friends and my dog

Worst injury: Torn MCL

What’s on your iPod?: 120GB packed of muisc.....a lot of metal and faves are in flames, disarmonia mundi, dark tranquillity, arch enemy, killswitch engage, frontline assembly, all that remains, children of bodom, Cipher system, pantera, the prodigy, led zeppelin, soilwork, king diamond, mercyful fate, van halen, metallica, steel pulse, the clash, and many many others........

Wheels other than your board: my car, my cruiser board, and I wish i had a dirt bike!!!!

5 things you always travel with: skateboard, ipod, laptop, camera, my air guitar......

Favorite city: New york city, San Diego, Portland, Sao paulo, Zurich

Favorite trick: Frontside ollie, Madona, cab heelflip

Favorite food: I LOVE FOOD!!! very open minded when it comes to food.....

Favorite movies: Fear and loathing in las vegas, step brothers, texas chainsaw massacre, dawn of the dead, the dark knight, jaws, army of darkness, fight club, sleepy hollow, casino, goodfellas, scarface, enter the dragon, the shining, all star wars, all lord of the rings, red dragon, terminator, 300, sin city, heat, donnie darko, donnie brasco, the shawshank redemption, catch me if you can, the big lebowski, beetlejuice, blood diamond, gladiator, lord of war, the lost boys, saving private ryan, black hawk down, planet terror, old school, office space, Rambo, american gangster, we own the night, district 9,for one more day, iron man, wolverine, zeitgeist, all pirates of the caribean movies, hotrod.........

Favorite TV shows: family guy, eastbound and down, seinfeld, curb your enthusiasm, Da ali g show, the simpsons, the sopranos, south park, ren and stimpy....

Favorite riders/skaters: Tony hawk, kevin staab, Bucky lasek, Alex perelson, Danny Mayer, Tom boyle, the Lopez bothers, Jay Stevason, Keith Treanor, Kevin Robinson, Lincon Ueada, Danny Way, Bob Burnquist......

Career highlight: 2008 Tony hawk boom boom huck jam....2009 xgames mega.....

Life highlight: living my dream and living through all that I have experienced

Heroes/Influences: My Dad (RIP), My Mom, All my skate friends, Ettore Rigotti, Patrick Shea