ASA Entertainment | ASA Athlete: Marcus Tooker
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ASA Athlete

Marcus Tooker
Ranking: 73
Hometown: Cape Cod, MA
Age: 32
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 156
Sponsors: Osiris Shoe

  • 2009 Wicked Jam, Rye Airfield - 7th
  • 2009 Alli Dew Tour, Portland, OR - Park: 7th
  • 2009 Nike 6.0 BMX, Huntington Beach, CA - 9th
  • 2009 All Dew Tour, Chicago, IL - Park 3rd
  • 2008 Dew Tour, Baltimore, MD - Park: 8th
  • 2007 LG Action Sports World Championships, Dallas, TX - Street: 9th
  • 2007 Dew Tour, Orlando, FL - Park: 10th
  • 2006 Dew Tour Overall Standing - Park: 9th
  • 2006 Dew Tour, Orlando, FL - Park: 2nd


Current city: Greenville, NC

Riding since: 1999

Activities when not riding: Working on any project that interests me

Wheels other than your bike: My Pathfinder

5 things you always travel with: Tookamentry, Ipod, Extra Sox, a Shot Glass, and I usually forget my toothbrush

Favorite city: I like a lot of them, but Barcelona takes the top spot right now

Favorite trick: 360

Favorite food: Seafood

Favorite movie: Caddyshack, Animal House, Hangover, Fight Club

Favorite TV show: LOST, I'm mildly obsessed

Life highlight: Anything to do with the bike

Heroes/Influences: Anyone with a smile