ASA Athlete

Myles Richmond
Hometown: Cherry Valley, CA
Age: 37
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 150
Sponsors: Maxxis, Answer, Oakley, Ogio, Shoei, Alpinestars, Works Connection, Factory Connection, FMF, PJ1, Globe Shoes


2003 turned out to be a breakout year for this young rider as he placed first in back-to-back nights at IFMA in Spokane and placed within the top 6 in the Vans Triple Crown, Summer X Games step up and Freestyle Competitions. Well liked by his competitors, Myles is constatntly challenging his limits in an effort to progress his riding.

  • 2010 X Games 16, Los Angeles, CA - Step Up: 4th
  • 2009 X Games 15, Los Angeles, CA - Best Whip: 5th
  • 2008 AST Dew Tour, Orlando, FL - Freestyle: 7th
  • 2008 X-Games, Mexico - Freestyle: 7th, Best Whip: 4th, Step Up: Silver Medalist
  • 2008 Red Bull X Fighters, Fort Worth, USA: 8th
  • 2007 Dew Tour Overall Standing: 8th
  • 2007 Dew Tour, Orlando, FL: 10th
  • 2007 LG FMX Championships, Pomona, CA: Quarter Finalist
  • 2007 Dew Tour, Salt Lake City, UT: 8th
  • 2007 Dew Tour, Portland, OR: 10th
  • 2007 Dew Tour, Cleveland, OH: 10th
  • 2007 Dew Tour, Baltimore, MD: 9th
  • 2006 Dew Tour Overall Standing: 9th
  • 2006 X Games, Los Angeles, CA - Step Up: 5th
  • 2005 LG FMX Championship, Pomona: 9th
  • 2003 X Games Step Up 4th Place, Freestyle 6th Place
  • 2003 IFMA Fresno, CA 1st Place (both days)
  • 2003 Vans Triple Crown Minneapolis Freestyle 4th Place


Riding Since: 1994
Favorite Trick: Whip
Worst Injury: Any Injury
Top Three Activities Other Than Riding: UFC, Cars, Hanging Out
Career Highlight: 6th place 2003 X-Games
Life Highlight: Doing what I do
Hero/Influence: Lance Amrstrong, because he works hard
Quote: "Life's a garden, Dig It!"