ASA Athlete

Sam Beckett
United Kingdom flagSam Beckett
United Kingdom
Hometown: Norwich, UK
Age: 30
Height: 5'10
Weight: 170
Stance: Goofy
Sports: ,

Blind, Monster Energy, Vans, Pro Tec, Route One, Oakley, Skeleton Key, Thunder, Dickies, Car13 Wheels, Bronson Speed Co, 187 Pads



Riding Since: 2002

Favorite Trick: Fs Grind

Worst Injury: Broken Wrist

Activities other than riding: Traveling, music, reading, hanging out with interesting people

Career Highlights: Turning pro for Blind, good times

Life Highlights: Birth, riding a skateboard for the first time, enjoying everyday

Hero/Influence: Friends and Family



2015 X Games - SKB Vert - 3rd

2015 Vert Attack - 1st