ASA Athlete

Tom Haugen
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Age: 45
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 180
Sponsors: free agent bikes, UGP clothing, Bell helmets, EVS pads,, Core Point, Oxygen for Energy, To Die For


While Tom is consistent at some of the most complicated mini ramp tricks there are, he can also throw down on a jump ramp, vert ramp, spine, and even flatland. Tom is the complete rider who has lived up to his peers’ expectations. He is consistently in the top five at every event he enters and, since the second half of the 2002 season, has been on the podium every week. He is only a few credits short of having a teaching degree and is a strict vegetarian. He has performed in countless demos and shows around the world over the last decade. Tom now lives in Orlando, Florida.

  • 2007 Shanghai Showdown, China - Park: 3rd, Vert: 7th
  • 2007 X-Games Mexico, Mexico City - Vert: 7th
  • 2007 Soul Bowl, Huntington Beach, CA: 9th
  • 2006 Dew Tour Overall Standing - Vert: 8th
  • 2006 Dew Tour, San Jose, CA - Vert: 6th
  • 2006 LG Action Sports World Tour, Paris, France - Vert: 4th, Street 6th
  • 2006 LG Action Sports World Tour, Berlin, Germany - Street: 4th, Vert: 3rd
  • 2006 X Games, Los Angeles, CA - Vert: 7th
  • 2006 LG Action Sports World Tour, Birmingham, England - Street: 4th, Vert: 3rd
  • 2006 Dew Tour, Louisville, KY - Vert: 10th
  • 2006 Action Sports World Tour, Richmond, VA - Vert: 3rd
  • 2005 LG Action Sports World Championships, Manchester, England - Street: 4th, Vert: 10th
  • 2005 LG Action Sports US Championship, Pomona, CA - Vert: 6th
  • 2005 LG Action Sports World Tour, Moscow, Russia - Vert: 7th
  • 2005 LG Action Sports World Tour, Munich, Germany - Vert: 7th
  • 2005 MSS, Sacramento, CA - Street: 3rd
  • 2005 MSS, Cincinnati, OH - Vert: 7th
  • 2005 Dew Tour, San Jose, CA: 4th
  • 2005 Dew Tour, Louisville, KY: 5th
  • 2004 Vans Triple Crown BMX, Huntington Beach, CA - Street: 6th
  • 2004 Vans Triple Crown, Salt Lake City, UT - Street: 3rd
  • 2004 Vans Triple Crown, Denver, CO - Street: 4th
  • 2004 Mobile Skatepark Series, Cincinnati, OH - Park: 5th
  • 2004 Mobile Skatepark Series, Niagara Falls, NY - Park: 5th
  • 2004 Latin X Games - Street: Bronze Medalist
  • 2004 Roots Jam - Street: 8th
  • 2004 Mobile Skatepark Series - Overall Vert Ranking: 5th
  • 2004 Latin X Games - Street: Bronze Medalist
  • 2003 Latin X Games - Park: Silver Medalist
  • 2002 U.S. Championships of BMX - Vert: Silver Medalist
  • 2002 Vans Triple Crown Park Year End Champion
  • 2002 Gravity Games: Bronze Medalist


Riding Since: 1987

Turned Pro: 1998

Currently Resides: Orlando, FL

Food: Vegetarian

Music: Paul Westerberg

Movie: American History X

TV: The Simpsons

Favorite Rider: Jay Schlie

Favorite Trick: Alley oop

Favorite City: Berlin, Germany

Worst Injury: Multiple concussions

Activities other than riding: Jogging, reading, working out.

Quote: "Never is always around"