ASA Entertainment | ASA Athlete: Brisa Hennessy
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ASA Athlete

United States of America flagBrisa Hennessy
United States of America

Local Spot: Kewalos, Ala Moana Bowls

Sponsors: Rip Curl, Olley, Makani Monstah! Surfboards, Charming Shark Jewelry, Prolite Accessories, BoardStix.

Words to live by: “Live this moment!”

Favorite Surfer: Carissa Moore.

I am most inspired by: My Mom and Dad and my Grandma Tomi.

My greatest fear: Losing a loved one.

The best surf video segment of all time is: Carissa Moore in Leave a Message.

My favorite non-surf film: Ratatoille

The best breakfast cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats.

The last time I wore a tie: um…not yet 😉

SUP, Alaia, or Boogie?: None.

Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?: Instagram.

On Rail, in the Tube, or in the Air?: In the Tube and on rail.

My worst wipeout: My board wrapping around the HB pilings in 8 foot surf and getting held down.

My favorite day of the year: Every day!

I am searching for ______?: Not really searching but making the most of each day given to me.

I give thanks to?: My mom and dad, all my sponsors, friends and family, my coaches and just being blessed to be a surfer.