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United States of America flagJenny Jones
United States of America
Hometown: Bristol, England
Age: 43
Height: 5' 3''
Weight: 138
Sponsors: Oakley, Relentless Energy Drinks, Salomon, Nixon, Pentax Camera
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When did you start snowboarding?
98/99 dryslope uk

When/how did you know snowboarding is what you wanted to do as a career?
I never thought  of it like a career at the beginning I just wanted to find ways to be able to snowboard more. I would work summers so that i could snowboard all the winter time. I did this for a few years until i managed to get sponsorship and gradually I worked less and rode more until I realised i was actually making a career if it. woohoo

Who do you look up to and why?
Marie France Roy. She is an awesome snowboarder in so many ways and absolutely love her personality and vibe.

What is your favorite place to go snowboarding?
I dont have an all time fav but I like Avoriaz France, Rettalack for pow, Breck and Keystone for park and NZ for the beautiful scenery and friendly locals

What are 3 things you never leave home without?
british tea bags
comfy knickers

Favorite food?
Lamb sunday roast

Favorite movies?
Usual suspects, Love Actually, Cinema Paridiso

Favorite TV shows?
Grey's Anatomy
Whose Line Is It Anyway.