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Jono Schwan
United States of America flagJono Schwan
United States of America
AKA: Jono
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Age: 27
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160 lbs
Sports: ,
Sponsors: Nike, GoPro, Theeve, Technical Safety Gear, BC Surf and Sport, Sk8-Strong,
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Sports: Skateboarding (all transition Vert, Bowl, Park and MegaRamp), snowboarding, surfing, and mountain biking.

Riding Since: 2006

Favorite Trick: Front Side Stalefish

Worst Injury: Hyperextended ligaments in my knee.

Activities other than riding: Work with my foundation “Sk8-Strong” to support amateur skateboarding athletes through progression sessions and competitions.

Career Highlights: Landing the 900 and the 1080, traveling the world and making the podium at the World Extreme Games in China (Vert and Mega), World Skateboarding Championship in Kimberley South Africa (Vert and Mega), and the Hurley Championship in Manley Australia (Bowl) and getting to compete in the X-Games and Dew Tour Finals.

Life Highlights: Traveling the world experiencing different places and cultures with my skateboard!

Heros: all of the skateboarding legends (Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Steve Cab, El Gato), Muhammad Ali, Kelly Slater, and Walt Disney.



  • Kia World Extreme Games
    • 2nd - Vert
    • 3rd - Mega
  • Manly Beach Bowl (1st)
  • Bondi Bowl-a-rama


  • Rio Rocky Man (Team USA 1st)
  • KDC Skate World Championships
    • 1st - Mega
    • 6th - Vert
  • Skate For The Cure (1st)
  • Kia World Extreme Games
    • 3rd Mini Mega
    • 4th Vert
  • Bondi Bowl-A-Rama (11th)
  • Nike SB Classic
    • 3rd - Best Trick
    • 3rd - Highest Air
    • 9th - Bowl
  • Tony Hawk and Friends Melbourne F1 Demo


  • Kimberley Diamond Cup World Skateboarding Grand Prix
    • BigAir - 1st
    • Big Air Best Trick - 2nd
    • Vert - 3rd
    • Overall - 2nd
  • X-Games Vert
  • X-Games Big Air
  • Rio Vert Jam (5th)
  • Rocky Mountain Rampage  (1st Vert, 2nd Bowl)
  • Tim Branch Bowl (6th)


  • Rocky Mountain Rampage (1st Vert)
  • X-Games Big Air  (13th)
  • X-Games Vert  (12th)
  • WCS Rome Vert  (3rd)
  • WCS Rome Bowl (9th)


  • Vegas Dew Tour Finals - debut as a PRO  (8th)
  • Free Flow Finals  (1st)
  • State Games of America (2nd - Bowl, 2nd - Vert)


  • X-Games AM Vert (3rd)
  • Maloof AM Vert (2nd)
  • Gatorade Free Flow (2nd)
  • Sydney Big Day Out Demo


  • X-Games AM Vert  (9th)