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United States of America flagRonnie Renner
United States of America
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Age: 47
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 150
Sponsors: KTM, Red Bull, Troy Lee Designs, Ogio, Oakley, Enzo, Uni, Kicker, KMC, FMF, Vortex, Sano, I shock, SDG, ICW, BRP, Dunlop, Mongoose, 3 Bros, Acerbis, Alpinestarts, N-Style


Ronnie Renner likes his airtime. A veteran of the motocross circuit, he's also a superstar of the freestyle world with the press coverage to prove it. But it's the view from above that really gets Ronnie flying high; he continues to reset the bar and our expectations for what is possible once a dirt bike leaves the ground. He set a world record in 2007 for step-up, launching 35 feet 6 inches to best a record that had stood for many years.
In 2008, he was at it again. This time, he soared nearly six stories'59 feet 2 inches off a quarterpipe, setting another world record. At 31, Ronnie is looking forward to the next stage in his storied career: launching the careers of other riders with his 'all MX' training facility. But don't count the Ren Dawg out. Not content to be the "trick guy," he's looking to push the edges of freestyle riding with events like the X Games and the Red Bull X-Fighters. "I'm passionate about it because it's not about the judges; it's more about bike skills," he says. "It's dangerous, so nobody wants to do it, and it's a very gratifying feeling to win it."

  • 2010 X Games 16, Los Angeles, CA - Step Up: Silver
  • 2009 X Games 15, Los Angeles, CA - Step Up: Silver Medalist
  • 2009 X Games 15, Los Angeles, CA - Best Whip: 6th
  • 2008 X-Games, Mexico - Best Whip: Silver Medalist, Step Up: Gold Medalist
  • 2008 X Games, Los Angeles, CA - Speed & Style: 2nd
  • 2008 X Games, Los Angeles, CA - Step Up: 2nd
  • 2008 Navy Moto X World Championships, San Diego, CA - Speed & Style 2nd
  • 2007 X Games, Los Angeles, CA - Step Up: Gold Medalist
  • 2007 Red Bull X-Fighters, Madrid, Spain: 6th
  • 2007 X Fighters, Dublin, Ireland: 8th
  • 2007 X Fighters, Mexico City, Mexico: 6th
  • 2006 Dew Tour, Louisville, KY: 6th
  • 2005 & 2003 Gravity Games - Freestyle: Bronze Medalist
  • 2002 IFMA Entertainer of the Year
  • 2002 Vans Triple Crown Overall - Freestyle: 2nd
  • 2002 X Games - Freestyle and Step Up: 4th
  • 2003 & 2001 X Games - Step Up: Bronze Medalist (tie)


Riding Since: 1981
Favorite Trick: Renner Whip
Top three activities other than riding: My kids, riding my chopper, surfing
Worst Injury: 12 concussions (spread over 20 years)
Life Highlight: Winning the 1005 Red Bull X-Fighters in front of 45,000
Career highlight: 2005 Red Bull X Fighters, Mexico 1st Place in front of 45,000 people
Hero/Influence: I'm influenced by all my fellow riders that put on a show and ride the hell out of their bikes.