ASA Athlete

United States of America flagTy Walker
United States of America
Hometown: Stowe, VT
Age: 27
Height: 5' 2
Weight: 125
Sponsors: Red Bull, US Snowboarding

When did you start snowboarding?
I started snowboarding when I was 7 and started competing when I was 9.

 When/how did you know snowboarding is what you wanted to do as a career?
I wish I had a really interesting story about this but I don’t. As soon as I started, maybe. I went up to my first snowboard coach ever and told him that I was going to win the Olympics some day. I’ve always had the best times snowboarding and I’ve always been super driven to compete and progress. I think that the combination of those two things makes professional snowboarding kind of a no-brainer. Plus the lifestyle is pretty much the coolest childhood a person could have.

 Who do you look up to and why?
In women’s snowboarding I think I look up to Jamie, Kjersti, and Kelly the most. Jamie for her smooth style, Kjersti for her attitude and experience, and Kelly for her work ethic. All of those girls are super rad.

 What is your favorite place to go snowboarding?
I love snowboarding in Colorado, so living there is especially awesome. For the past few seasons though I think I most enjoy riding my home mountain (Stowe), even though it almost never happens. I love going up and revisiting all of my old spots and watching my little sister and her friends rip around.

What are 3 things you never leave home without?
Hmm... my phone definitely. I don’t really know what else. A shirt and pants! Haha

Favorite food?
So hard to pick, I love it all! At this point of the season though I’m really just craving anything my mom makes.

Favorite movies?
Right now I’m on a huge Superhero Movie kick. I travel with a whole collection of them, so definitely all of those. I also love Shawshank Redemption and Man on Fire though.

Favorite TV shows?
I’m such a TV junkie! I watch so many shows. Top 3 favorites have to be Vampire Diaries, Revenge, and Grey’s Anatomy.