Capri Sun Case Study
Capri Sun wanted to create high-volume sampling opportunities to both pre-teen youths and their parents in 11 key markets with the message of Capri Sun’s high energy, flavor-packed antioxidant juice beverage


  • ASA developed a national Capri Sun branded tour of heavily attended fairs and festivals (Capri Sun “Gear Up for Adventure” Tour) where high-profile action sports exhibitions were used to attract attention and communicate Capri Sun’s messaging in an exciting and compelling way
  • The on-site experience included an educational, interactive experience for consumers, half-pipe performances from top skateboarding and BMX pros, consumer promotion, heavy sampling, and a traveling skatepark for kids to receive lessons from the pros


  • Successfully targeted 11 priority growth markets for the Capri Sun brand
  • Capri Sun brand was exposed to more than 1 million pre-teens and their parents in a fun, exciting, and interactive environment
  • Exceeded sampling goals by 20%
  • Associated couponing and media support drove incremental sales in each market the tour visited
  • National PR for the Tour generated $1.5 million of additional media value for the program, including features on CBS Sports and FOX Sports