High School Tour
Tour Overview

The ASA High School Tour is a high-energy action sports tour that uses the allure and “cool factor” of action sports to promote bullying prevention advocacy to teens. The Tour, which has been running since 2000, features 100 annual events in 20 cities across the country with several of the world’s top skateboard and BMX pros performing mind-boggling half-pipe and box jump exhibitions while providing students with valuable bullying prevention information and techniques during school-sanctioned assemblies.
The events offer partners on-campus branding, 1-on-1 student interaction, sampling, custom content and social media opportunities in an uncluttered and completely captive 1-on-1 environment with 100% efficiency vs. teens. This is a very unique and impactful marketing program that also allows an important cause message to be delivered in a relevant, peer-to-peer manner.
ASA brings in the world’s top athletes from the X Games to perform, while an emcee delivers an educational message in a fun, positive and interactive fashion. Students can win prizes, get autographs and participate in a variety of contests with our partners. These assemblies are the talk of the campus all year and the students’ retention of the educational message is phenomenal.

  • Action sports tour with 100 events at large high schools in 20 major US markets each year
  • Top skateboard and BMX pros perform branded half-pipe or box jump exhibitions on-campus in school-sanctioned assemblies
  • Shows utilize the “coolness” of action sports to deliver important anti-tobacco and bullying prevention messaging in a way that impacts students lives
  • Separate winter, spring and fall tours
  • 225,000+ students directly impacted each year
  • Tour sponsors are represented effectively at each school and “on the road” in an interactive, fun and captive forum
  • Offers partners on-campus unique branding and experiential opportunities in an uncluttered and completely captive 1-on-1 environment with 100% efficiency vs. teens
  • The program is 100% free to the participating schools